Tuesday, 24 February 2015

PB4L Week 4

This week our school focus is on...

B for Be Respectful-Follow adult instructions!
Watch this space, some writing on this topic to follow soon.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Friday Sharing Time.

First: A few students shared their interest with the whole class and then we divided into our smaller sharing groups.
Students had to use these question starters to get more information.
It was a very exciting experience for all, and the information they gathered was more than first expected.
Secondly: The students each completed a self assessment sheet to assess how successful they were at asking these questions.
Great learning Room 9 and 10.

A cool clip to learn the bonds to 10.

Monday, 16 February 2015

We are able to...

line up at our class and keep our hand and feet to ourselves.
Room 9, Rocks!

PB4L: Keeping our hand and feet to ourselves

These students are very good at understanding what it means, to keep your hands and feet to yourself. Great job, guys!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

House Spirit

On Friday it was "support your new house" mufti day. 
It was an awesome opportunity for the students to see who is in their new group and build some House spirit amongst themselves.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Please take note... Reading Eggs

It is a requirement  for parents to pay a subscription fee of $30 for each student in the Kiwi Team to have access to the Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress website. This programme forms an addition to class literacy programmes. Classroom teachers will check  lessons that have been done by students and books that they have read etc. Teachers can also provide the students with reports on their progress with the programme. 

You will notice that your child is able to access this website even though payments have not been made. We are requesting for parents to pay this subscription fee before the end of Term 1 2014. If we have not received any payments by the end of the term,  access on the site will be denied.  

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Studyladder online

Congratulations to James for collecting 250 point this week on Studyladder.
Remember your user name and  password is in your homefun book.

Looking after equipment and property.

Here are the PB4L badge holders so far this week. It is great to see how the students are looking after their property at school and also the equipment in class. 

Our badge holders are:
Korben, Vishnu, Matthew, Mikaera and Amelia F.
Well done, Guys!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Our own Classroom Matrix for PB4L

For the last week we have been working on creating our own classroom matrix. The students came up with all these important points and we will be revisiting it daily.
This gives our students a great start to the year, knowing what is expected of them when learning in Room 9.

All about me...

The students have completed their writing about themselves. 
It is up in Room 9, if you are wanting to pop in and have a read. They worked hard and I'm really pleased with the end result. 
Great work Room 9!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Room 9 and 10 is sharing their learning!

This morning was a great opportunity for our students to share some information about themselves.  They were able to share this information with the class and in a small group.  It worked well and the students were super excited at reflection time because they learned new things about their friends. 

Just look at these students listening and sharing with class friends. 
Miss Glen and I are very proud of the Rm 9 and 10 students. 
Now I can't wait for next week! 

Have a great long weekend and see you all back 
on Monday morning.

Reremoana School Vision Statement from Room 9 & 10

Learn | Grow | Succeed 

Reremoana School will develop the skills for lifelong learning, nurture the growth of the whole child and inspire all students to become confident and considerate with the attitude to succeed.

Here is Room 9 & 10 sharing our vision statement.

In which house are you?

This year we have four house with a new names for each house. House point can be collected in different 
ways e.g, through PB4L and sport. 

B- Be Respectful

This week we learnt lots about our Reremoana ABC's.  I'm very impressed that so many of the students were able to name our ABC's and explain what they mean. Our  focus for this week is on B for Be Respectful by being on time.
This means that it also includes being on time for school,  returning back to class after morning tea and lunch, and always working hard to complete our class work.

Here are the three students that were "caught" being on time. At the end of the day they receive a gold token to add to their house points.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Room 9 is hard at work!

It has been a very busy start to the year.  Today we worked on planning our writing and sharing the ideas we have. We are also making a portrait to go with our shared information.

PB4L : Just look at these learners!

These learners have received badges for being on times and making positive learning choices in class.
Well done guys, you have set a great example at the beginning of the year. 
I wonder who will get a badge on Wednesday and Thursday ?